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The Inefficenty of beef cattle.

We all love cows, however what you might not know is how much food they need to produce food for us to eat, which we could be eating ourselves, or if not using the plants to produce plant based meats, something arising in the world now as results and research are becoming promosing.
There are currently around 1.5 million cows, all being raised for slaughter just to feed a couple million people, where the amount of crops needed to feed those cows could feed the world for decades to come, either through the use of food grown meat, or just by reducing the of cows, and genetic enginnering cows to be more food efficient with the food they are given, turning more of it into steak rather then for the other parts of the cow that people don't need.

Out of all the farmland that is available on Earth, 83% of it is used to feed around 30 million animals for slaughter. If we ate the food we feed to animals ourselves, we could feed an approximate 3.5 billion extra people, probably more as the effiecency of crop and farming techniques increases. Out of all the water on Earth, cattle counts to 23% of all fresh water consumed on Earth.